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  • Corodex Wins Dubai Municipality's Distinguished Supplier Of The Year Award For 2015
    CorodexTrading was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Supplier of the Year 2015 at Dubai Municipality’s Creative Suppliers 2015 event at the Radisson Blue Dubai Creek Hotel yesterday. [Wired by: DubaiCityGuide.com - A Cyber Gear Company]
  • Speed Limit On Dubai-Al Ain Highway Sector Lowered To 100 KM/H
    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has decided to reduce the maximum speed on a sector of Dubai-Al Ain Road stretching from Emirates Road Interchange to Bu Kadrah Interchange from 120 km/h. [Wired by: DubaiCityGuide.com - A Cyber Gear Company]
  • Lend Me Your Literacy
    Young writers around the UAE will have a unique opportunity to share their talent with a global audience as part of an exciting community writing competition hosted by LendMeYourLiteracy in partnership with At the Top, Burj Khalifa. [Wired by: DubaiCityGuide.com - A Cyber Gear Company]


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